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Angels’ KIDS nursery offers an educational program for Preschoolers in the Delb / Metn area and surrounding towns.


The program offers developmentally appropriate activities designed to foster children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development.  It includes a variety of teacher-directed activities, as well as free time for the children to explore and play.


Services or consultation in the areas of speech/language development and occupational/physical therapy are available to assist in the classroom.  The team works together to help make your child’s preschool program a success. 


The program is in session 5 days/week – Mondays thru Fridays; 07:30 – 17:30.  Home-cooked food is served daily.


In order to be eligible, you child must be at his/her 1st year prior to attending the nursery.


Payment shall be made on the 1st day of each month or, if yearly, then on subscription day.


ANGELS’ KIDS is equipped with a high tech number of cameras for the benefit of the nursery and that of the parents.


The system is as such that the parents can observe and monitor their children live; sound and image. All cameras are new technology compatible for easy access by all smart phones and tablets. A link will be provided to the parents by the administration on registration.


We require you to provide us with the following personal items for your child’s only use and for our files:


  • Copy of ID
  • Copy of Insurance card
  • 1 passport size photo
  • Copy (and updates) of medical report (vaccines – regular visits)
  • 1 family portrait (with siblings)
  • Diapers (to be renewed when needed)
  • Wet wipes supply (to be renewed when needed)
  • 1 set of change (depending on season)
  • 1 warm blanket
  • 1 pillow
  • 1 thermostat
  • Favorite toy


We provide you with:

  • Agenda
  • Uniform


For more information call the ANGELS’ KIDS nursery at

04-984887 / 70-487848


Why are we special?

ANGEL’S KIDS preschool program believes each child should receive quality care and be provided with a developmentally appropriate education. We believe all young children experience success through active learning opportunities within a safe, nurturing environment to meet the individual needs of the child.

We believe with the combined efforts of parents, educators, community and students, all children will succeed intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. To help in this effort, staff will provide support and resources for families. We create an environment that is warm and caring, which gives our children a sense of security and belonging.

We believe young children learn best through activities and explorations that are hands-on and include supportive adult-child and child-to-child interactions. Active thinking, investigating, and experimenting as well as adult guided instruction provide children an opportunity to learn and function at their own developmental age level, to discover how things work, and to learn firsthand about the world around them.

We believe play provides the foundation for future academic learning. Active learning through play enables us to promote the standards and benchmarks of our High Scope curriculum.


Angel’s Kids Nursery Policies

Accidents and Incidences from home

Reporting of any accidents/incidences from home.

Parents are required to report to the nursery/key person any accident that their child may have had from home. This is to ensure that staff at the nursery may keep an eye on the child. This is important especially accidents, where a child may have hit his head. Parents would then be asked to give a brief written report which they would be asked to sign. A verbal report could be given if parents are running late.  This would be recorded by the staff and parents asked to sign when child is picked up. 

Age of admittance

We accept children from the age of 1 to 4 years old.

Arrival and departure of children

It is essential that parents/ authorized person always notify a member of staff of their arrival.

On arrival at the nursery you will be expected to hand over your child to a Nursery Officer/Assistant and then sign and put the time of arrival. When you collect your child you will then have to sign your child out and indicate the time.  It is very important that each and every parent sign in/out as this is a safeguarding issue i.e in a case of emergency each and every child is accounted for.


We must be informed of changes in case anyone other than the parent or the authorized person is to collect your child.

If the parent or other responsible adult listed on the registration form are unable to collect the child, the parent should give details to the staff of the person who will be collecting. This must include their name, physical descriptions and any other information staff or parent may deem appropriate.   If your child is not collected on time, our legal liability relating to the staff/child ratio will be infringed as two members of staff must remain at the nursery until the last child has been collected. Any parent/ authorized person who are late collecting their child will have to pay a charge which helps to cover the additional staffing costs incurred for this reason.

The charge is 5 US Dollars for the first 5 minutes, with an additional 5 US Dollars for every 5 minutes thereafter. We take lateness very seriously as the Nursery is only insured until 5:30pm when all staff and parent/children should have vacated the premises.


If you have made no contact to the Nursery within 30 minutes (6:00pm) after closing time. Manager/Senior Member of staff will contact authorized person 1, then authorized person 2. The Nursery will call local authorities after that if still no sign of parents &/or authorized person.


Behavior modification policy

We aim to present all children with a code of behavior. We promote the development of a sense of right and wrong behavior by teaching your child the appropriate way to act and discouraging unacceptable behavior.

Sometimes it is necessary to help children understand their own boundaries in certain situations, explaining why we do not accept certain behavior and to exercise firm and consistent restraint.

At no time during disciplining your child would staff use physical punishment, e.g. smacking, shaking or slapping and it is our belief that using negative words like “naughty” are unhelpful and leave no room for movement.

If a child presents at any time unacceptable behavior, staff will approach the situation in the following way:

(a) Intervene at the time of conflict in order to establish the cause of upset;

(b) Talk to the children involved to gauge their feelings and reactions to the situation;

(c) Ask each child how they/the other must be feeling so that both may realize that it is not just one person involved;

(d) In younger children who are not yet able to reason diversionary tactics, distraction would be used at this time;

(e) Where possible staff will anticipate and defuse difficult situations before disagreements arise that children might find hard to handle.


Biting policy


Biting is fairly common amongst young children and it is one of the things that concerns adults the most. Biting is often very painful and frightening for the child who is bitten. It can also be frightening for the child who bites, because it upsets the child and makes adults very angry. Biting can make the child who bites feel very powerful because of the strong reaction that it brings. This power can be frightening for the children because they need to feel secure that their feelings can be controlled. It happens for different reasons with different children and under different circumstances. The first step in learning to control it is to look at why it may be happening.

Parents of the child that is biting would be informed and the key person will have an initial discussion with the parent.

Using the who, what, when and where method to pinpoint the problem:

Who was involved? What happened before or after? How was the situation handled? When did the biting occur? Where did it happen?

If all the above measures have been put in place and the child continues, the parents will be invited to a meeting with the management team where further discussions regarding what the parents are doing to help stop the child biting.

In the rare case that the child continues biting, the child may be removed from the Nursery for a short period of time for the safety of the other children.


In the case of the older children the following would apply:

(a) The child will be removed from the situation in the company of an adult;


(b) Child and adult will spend time talking about the conflict;

(c) Whilst reassuring the child that it is the behavior which is unacceptable and not the child, firm guidance will be given should the unacceptable behaviors arise again;

(d) The child will be removed, reassured and guidelines reaffirmed consistently by all staff as the need arises. At all times praise is freely given to the child at the slightest sign of positive change in behavior;

(e) During this period the Manager will talk with the parent/authorized person in order to inform them of the situation and to ask if they are experiencing similar difficulties;


Birthday celebrations

The nursery celebrates birthdays. It is optional whether parents/authorized person wish to bring a cake to be shared between all the children attending on that day. Parents/ authorized person of the child concerned are welcome to attend these small celebrations but we prefer that parents of other children do not attend as this causes significant disruption to the nursery routine.

Closer to Home

ANGELS’ KIDS is equipped with a high tech number of cameras for the benefit of the nursery and that of the parents.

The system is as such that the parents can observe and monitor their children live; sound and image. All cameras are new technology compatible for easy access by all smart phones and tablets. A link will be provided to the parents by the administration on registration.


The nursery requests that each child is provided with a complete change of clothes. It is an essential component of educative play that children are able to enjoy art and craft activities with, for example, glue, paste, paint, sand, water, etc. Inevitably children will transfer some of these materials to themselves and their clothing. We attempt as far as possible to purchase glue, paste and paint which are "washable", but in practice not everything is washable off all clothing materials. Parents should therefore dress their children with this in mind. Angel’s Nursery will accept no liability for clothing damaged while the child is at the nursery.

Comments and Suggestions

Your comments and suggestions are important to us. We want to know what you think about how the nursery is run as we are always seeking ways to improve the quality of our service.

We would like you to tell us about your experiences of the nursery and any aspect of the service we provide. What are we doing right? What are we doing wrong? What areas would you like to see improved?

Send your comments to admin@angelskidsnursery.com or give your comments to any staff member within the nursery or call 04-984887 / 70-487848.

Please take this opportunity to share your thoughts, so we can make the ANGEL’S KIDS nursery even better and more enjoyable for everyone.

Thank you 


Confidentiality policy

Our work will bring us into contact with confidential information. To ensure that all those using and working in the nursery can do so with confidence, we will respect confidentiality in the following ways:

  1. Parents/ authorized person will have ready access to files and records of their own children - but not any other child.
  2. Staff will not discuss individual children with people other than the parents/ authorized person of that child.
  3. Information given by parents/ authorized person to nursery staff will not be passed on to third parties.
  4. Personal issues will remain confidential to the people involved.
  5. Any anxieties/evidence relating to a child's personal safety will be kept in a confidential file and will not be shared within the nursery except for the child's key worker and Manager.

Days and hours of opening

The nursery is open from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays throughout the year except for Christmas, Easter and public holidays.

Emergency numbers

Three emergency numbers must be given to the Manager as soon as the child joins the nursery and any changes must be notified immediately.


Fees and payment information

Payment shall be made on the 1st day of each month or, if yearly, then on subscription day.

Health and safety policy

ANGEL’S KIDS nursery has a responsibility to provide a safe environment for your child and the Manager is responsible for health and safety matters concerning the nursery premises. The staff is aware of potential hazards within the nursery and the surrounding environment and actively protects children from hazards. We aim to provide the staff with first aid training. All accidents and any incidents are recorded in the Accident Report Book. All accidents are accurately notified to the parent/ authorized person as soon as possible. Hygiene rules relating to bodily fluids are followed with particular care and the staff is aware of how infections can be transmitted.

In the nursery we aim to:

  1. Involve and motivate nursery staff in all matters concerning Health & Safety.
  2. Prevent accidents, injuries and ill-health and to identify and eliminate hazardous situations.
  3. Achieve a high standard of occupational health, safety, welfare and hygiene.
  4. Control situations likely to be hazardous to health and safety in the nursery or cause damage to persons or equipment.
  5. Provide a safe and healthy environment.

Two Meals and a snack and drinks are served daily as per the monthly menu. The menu is a choice of hot lunches, including a vegetarian option, followed by fruit, yoghurt, or a cooked pudding is prepared daily.


  • We are able to accommodate most dietary requirements, e.g vegetarian preferences and omission of disliked foods.
  • We can cater for special diets, such allergies and specific diets.
  • It is our policy not to provide any food that contains nuts.
  • Children will receive a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. There is a choice of fresh or dried fruit and or bread sticks etc.
  • Fresh water is available throughout the day and is provided in individually named beakers for the babies and named bottles for the preschool children (2-3 years).

Our menu runs on a four week rotation to allow us and parents to plan ahead.  If you see anything coming up on the menu that your child can't - or won't - eat, please contact us. admin@angelskidsnursery.com or contact 04-984887 / 70-487848.

You can see a sample menu in the table below

Notice of absence

If a child is not brought to the nursery on a day when s/he is normally present, the parents/authorized person must inform the Manager by 8:00 am the reason for the absence and the expected date of return.  If the Manager has not heard from the parent/ authorized person after five days (not including Saturday and Sunday) ANGEL’S KIDS nursery reserves the right to de-register the child and offer the place to someone else.  If for any reason (e.g. illness) a child cannot be brought to the nursery when s/he would normally be present, parents/ authorized person are required to pay the normal fees.

Personal property

Children should not bring sweets or valuables to the nursery (e.g. jewellery, toys etc), since staff cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings being lost or damaged.

Photographs policy

Photography and video policy

Every child in our care deserves to be protected from the misuse of photographic and video images of themselves, taken whilst they attend the Nursery.

It is our policy to use photographs taken in the nursery to support the children's learning and also to record children's individual progress. Photographs recorded in nursery as part of a normal day are taken using a digital camera and are only taken by members of the staff team.


Additional photographs or images may be taken of children as part of the work of the Nursery and may be taken by an outside photographer or other parents (during the Christmas production or any other events the nursery may have). In the case of outside agencies taking photographs for marketing purposes, the nursery will seek written, parental permission from families that they agree for their child to be included. Should a parent prefer their child not to take part then any images taken will be deleted. Individual children will not be included if written permission is not given by the child's family.


Photographs/videos are taken to:

  • Support the learning of each child's individual record
  • Illustrate work on display around the nursery building.

Photographs may also be taken in the following ways:

  • Whenever possible, photos taken by outside agencies will be taken so that individual children are difficult to identify. The photo will be taken from a distance or from behind.
  • At times, photos of children in the nursery will be taken by the Angel’s Nursery photographer to promote a particular activity / event.

Parents’ use of cameras / videos in the nursery:

Parents/Authorized person will be invited to record their child's inclusion in group events at Christmas and other celebrations through the use of photographs or video on the understanding that they will not publish any material on the internet as the Nursery has no control over these images once they are in the public domain.

We will ensure that the children of parents/authorized person who do not wish their child to be photographed or videoed are provided with other activities. At no time is staff permitted to bring in a camera from home, nor use their mobile phones in the Nursery rooms.


Termination of Registration

If requests for admission exceed the number of places available you will be placed on a waiting list if a suitable place is not immediately available. During your time on the waiting list you will be contacted from time to time to determine whether you are still interested in a place and also to give you some indication of when a place is likely to become available. However, you are also encouraged to contact the Nursery Management (admin@angelskidsnursery.com or call 04- 984887 / 70-487848) to ascertain the latest position regarding occupancy. It is essential to the efficient running of the nursery and to other prospective parents/authorized person that you notify the nursery immediately should you make alternative childcare arrangements and no longer require a place.


Places are offered on the following basis:

  1. Priority is given to those intending to use the nursery on a full-time basis.
  2. Priority is given to parents/authorized person who already have one child registered at the nursery.


Medicines must not usually be administered to the child unless they have been prescribed for that child by a doctor or a dentist.

No medicines should normally be given to children. If a child is ill enough to need a course of medicine, he/she should normally be at home.


  • There may however, be circumstances where a child is well enough to return to the Centre but the course of antibiotics is not completed. Only prescribed medication may be administered by staff and written authorization must be given by the parent/authorized person on a Medicines Form, which authorizes staff to administer stated medicines.
  • Teething gel is the only other un-prescribed medication we would give to your child. However we must get written permission beforehand from parents and same procedures as those for prescribed medication apply; the parents would need to fill in the medication form.
  • The on-location nurse is the only person allowed to administer medication to a sick child, as prescribed by his doctor and approved by the parents in a written notification to the nursery.
  • Please inform us as soon as possible if your child will be absent for a period of time due to illness.


Settling in

We aim to ensure your child's introduction to our setting is as stress free as possible. Once a place has been offered, we aim to achieve this by inviting you and your child to visit the nursery prior to your child's official start date. This helps to familiarize your child with the nursery, the nursery staff and the other children, and provides the opportunity to give your journey a trial run.

In the unlikely event that your child does not seem to settle at the nursery we will review the situation with you and discuss the options, including termination of the contract. Such termination is at the sole discretion of the Nursery Manager.


Day 1:  

10am - 11am

We suggest that you stay with your child and spend an hour together in the nursery setting. This will normally be enough for your child's first day.

Day 2: 

10am - 11.30am           

You will be invited to accompany your child for one and a half hours in the appropriate unit. All being well, you will be encouraged to leave your child for half an hour during this time to see how well they manage on their own.

Day 3:  

10am - 12.15pm

By day three your child may be ready to stay by him/herself for the whole of the morning session and be collected after lunch at 12.15pm. Do not be concerned if this is not the case: some children arrive on Day 1 as if they have been coming to the nursery for years but others will take a little longer to settle in.

Day 4: 


We recommend that your child stays by him/herself until after sleep time at 3pm.

Day 5: 


We recommend that your child stays by him/herself until after snack at 4pm.



ANGEL’S KIDS nursery has a policy that smoking be prohibited in all areas of the premises unless otherwise designated. The nursery is a no smoking area.  

The nursery staff supports this policy and will ensure that it is observed at all times. This will apply to all staff, parents/authorized person, visitors and contractors entering the nursery building.

Toileting and nappies


We promote independent toileting for all children who are 2 years old and over.

Children are encouraged to ask a member of staff if they need to use the toilet. This arrangement enables toileting to be more closely monitored by staff who is then on hand to supervise hand washing afterwards.


Parents/authorized person of children not yet completely toilet trained are required to provide sufficient disposable nappies and wipes for each day.

Termination of registration

This may occur when:

  1. The child has reached the age limit.
  2. Failure to register for five days without contact or prior notification.
  3. If, despite best efforts, a child fails to settle, the contract may be terminated with immediate effect at the sole discretion of the Nursery Manager.
  4. Parents/authorized person wishing to terminate their registration must give four weeks notice in writing (email) to the Nursery Administrator (admin@angelskidsnursery.com)
  5. Parents are not permitted to reduce the number of days they attend the Nursery during the school holiday/vacation period or any other holiday they wish to take, except in the case of a trip abroad accompanied by the child.
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